Vacation Certificate
This Certificate entitles you and a companion to enjoy 3 fun-filled days and 2 exciting evenings in deluxe hotel accommodations at no charge at one of 33 beautiful destination cities in the U.S. and Mexico! Use it at your leisure to plan a memorable vacation for you and your family - up to two children included! This Certificate includes hotel only. Airfare and meals are not included.

Aromatherapy Unit
This Rainmate® counter-top unit gently caresses the air with a continuous water bath that washes it. Add essential oils or sanitizer to the water, and you are recreating what nature intended: natural aromatherapy 24 hours a day!

AirCare2Go uses a natural solution, water. It washes the air inside your car in a cleansing water bath - leaving the air smelling and feeling as fresh as the air outdoors after a rainstorm. Simply fill the water container with about 5 ounces of water and place in a cup holder. Plug the AirCare2Go into your car adapter and just turn it on and Mother Nature does the rest! The air inside is gently washed by the water bath and fresh water-washed air is continually circulated throughout your car's interior.

Stainless Steel Deluxe Two-piece Knife Set
These stunning knives will be the perfect addition to your kitchen cutlery! Included are an 8-inch, triple riveted chef knife, perfect for all of your culinary needs, and a versatile stainless steel, triple riveted boning and filleting knife. Let these razor-sharpened edges handle all your cooking needs for years to come!

Additional gifts may be available - Ask for details!