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This counter-top unit gently caresses the air with a continuous water bath that washes it. Add essential oils or sanitizer to the water and the Rainmate will fragrance or sanitize the air 24 hours a day!

Aroma Package *NEW*
Enjoy the best of all worlds with the newest combination pack in our product line, the Aroma Package! In addition to receiving a custom 4-pack of your favorite all natural, essential-oil-based fragrances, you will get a bottle of our exclusive, sinus-busting Eucalyptus Menthol, AND a large (16 fl oz.) bottle of germ-killing, odor-eliminating DNA. This set will last you several months to a year - it's a real must-have!

The Carmate brings the freshening power of water to the road! It washes the air inside your car in a cleansing water bath - leaving the air smelling and feeling as fresh as the air outdoors after a rainstorm. Simply fill the water container with about 5 ounces of water and place in a cup holder. Plug the AirCare2Go into your car adapter and just turn it on - Mother Nature does the rest! The air is gently washed by the water bath and fresh water-washed air is continually circulated throughout your car's interior.

Put the full power of the Rainbow in the palm of your hand. This handheld version of the Powernozzle is great for stairs, upholstery and car interiors. The rotating brush removes deep down dirt from all fabrics. It works great for cleaning your mattresses, too!
(Rainbow Owners Only)

4-Quart Basin
By adding this larger water basin to your Rainbow, you can clean longer without changing the water. You can also pick up more water with the squeegee or the Aquamate carpet shampooer. This will save you time and effort!
(Rainbow Owners Only)

Slitzer® 17 PC Cutlery
This German made Cutlery Set has surgical stainless steel blades
with triple riveted full metal tangs that extend through the handle for strength and balance. This set is everything you could need to slice, dice, chop, cut or snip in the kitchen. They have durable Leymar handles making them dishwasher safe and are backed with a Lifetime warranty.

Supermop *NEW*
The Supermop is designed to clean tile, linoleum and other hard surface floors. Its extra-wide size covers a lot of ground, helping to clean even the largest room in minutes. It comes with two reusable microfiber cleaning pads, specifically designed to attract and retain dust and dirt. When your cleaning job is complete, simply throw the cleaning pads into the washing machine! The powerful airflow of the Rainbow ensures that any dirt and liquid that is picked up, stays picked up! No other product of this kind can make that claim.

Storage Rack
This handy rack will hold all of your Rainbow accessories on the back of a closet door or loop it over a coat rack. This verticle storage requires less space and keeps all items at a height that is easier to access and leaves the floor uncluttered.
(Rainbow Owners Only)

*Gifts may vary from illustrations and are subject to availability
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